Terrific Tuesday Post 008

Hello my lovelies, in this Terrific Tuesday post, I have something awesome to share with you. We all may have gained some unwanted pounds over the holidays, and those New Year's resolutions may have dissolved with our resolve. But what if there was a way for you to lose wait and provide meals for people in need, would you want to do it?

Of course, you would! Here are the details, I was watching the Today Show, and my favorite actor/comedian Joel McHale was on talking about a new project he is partnered with, fitbit, FitForFood, where they have partnered with Feeding America. If you sign up with FitForFood, any calories that you burn towards being active will count towards meals for feeding needy people in America. They hope to provide 1.5 million meals to those in need.

You have a chance to do something good for yourself, as well as giving back to someone else, who knew losing weight could feel so great!

Sign up now! It all begins February 3rd, 2015 FITBIT Sign Up & Website

Check out the fitbit fitforfood video on YouTube now! 



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