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Beating Winter Blues-Craft Style

Hello my amazing readers, as you may know it's been a really horrible Winter this year! Well most of them are, if you ask me. Winters are just not my cup of tea, they may not be your cup of tea either. If you have Winter Blues or Seasonal Depression, you can get these following symptoms: 1. Less Energy 2. Trouble Concentrating 3. Fatigue 4. Increased Appetite 5. Increased desire to be alone 6. Greater need for sleep 7. Weight gain Seasonal depression or Winter Blues may be caused by brain triggers that can significantly affect the changes in our attitudes, during this time of year. Another concept is that since Winter has less sunlight it decreased the ability of our brains to make Serotonin. What is Serotonin? It is a natural chemical that travels through our nerve pathways & brain  used to regulate our mods. A proven method to combat seasonal depression is known as light therapy.In these cases the patient is treated in a manner that will allow them to recei

Mavatar Featured Editor - Fabulous Shoes

Hello my amazing readers, I am so happy to announce my involvement with another major player in the fashion industry. The Mavatar App will change the way that women shop everywhere, it's such an economical way to shop too! There is a price comparison tool, so if you're searching for the same item at various stores, Mavatar will then guide you to the lowest price for the same item. How cool is that? I am one of the Featured Editors/Bloggers and you will be able to shop my suggestions via my carts and I of course will be hunting for the best products, prices, and styles that you will love. I will also have a Plugin posted on the blog shortly, and you will be able to shop any suggestions that I select for you! The weather is still awful in Chicago, but Mavatar makes online shopping so much easier for you, by having featured editors like me, and great items from all of the major retailers that you & I both love. Mavatar can also be taken on the go, you can shop from your Des

Products I heart Firmoo Optical

If you are in Chicago, you know that our temperatures are currently hovering in the below zero category, and I do not profess to be a cold-weather blogger! Anyway, I was recently asked  and happily accepted a collaboration with Firmoo Optical with over 607,000 likes on Facebook, they have become a global leader in fashion & specialty eyewear. I was invited to receive a discounted frame, and decide upon which items I liked best. I truly love the fact that they remain affordable and trendy. I chose a frame that I have been quite happy with and I am really glad that I tried them out. I usually get my glasses from retail outlets, but since I have now discovered Firmoo Optical, I will be making a change for the better. There are so many styles to choose from, if you wear prescription lenses, they make it very easy to store your prescription into their system, and you can register with a new account or use your existing Facebook Account to create an order history. They even make it e