Beating Winter Blues-Craft Style

Hello my amazing readers, as you may know it's been a really horrible Winter this year! Well most of them are, if you ask me. Winters are just not my cup of tea, they may not be your cup of tea either. If you have Winter Blues or Seasonal Depression, you can get these following symptoms:

1. Less Energy

2. Trouble Concentrating

3. Fatigue

4. Increased Appetite

5. Increased desire to be alone

6. Greater need for sleep

7. Weight gain

Seasonal depression or Winter Blues may be caused by brain triggers that can significantly affect the changes in our attitudes, during this time of year. Another concept is that since Winter has less sunlight it decreased the ability of our brains to make Serotonin.

What is Serotonin? It is a natural chemical that travels through our nerve pathways & brain  used to regulate our mods. A proven method to combat seasonal depression is known as light therapy.In these cases the patient is treated in a manner that will allow them to receive indirect exposure to bright light. The patient is asked to sit approximately 2 feet away from the bright light and will they will get treatment for about 15-20 minutes per day. During continued sessions, bright light therapy is increased to 30-45 minutes per day.

Other tips that you can utilize, in combating these symptoms is to start crafting, getting your home or office more organized, spend more time with loved ones, get more Vitamin D, fruits & vegetables in your diet, during these periods. Also increase your exposure to sunlight as much as you can, that is when the sun is shining. Exercise & eating right can make a world of difference as well, because an active brain is a happy brain.

Luckily for me, my daughter is very creative, crafty, and keeps me busy with all of her projects. During the month of  February we made a lot of crafts to celebrate Valentine's Day! She wanted to do a different craft project everyday, I of course had fun helping her too!

We used glue, construction paper, crayons, glitter & paints to make our February craft projects come to life! We even got a chance to make a book with all of my daughter's amazing projects. If your child is loves to create things, encourage them to make wonderful & purposeful art.

Here is what we created this month with time & love! 

You've got to do whatever it takes to fight those Winter Blues.



'Always remember to live, The Ultimae Life'


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