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If you are in Chicago, you know that our temperatures are currently hovering in the below zero category, and I do not profess to be a cold-weather blogger! Anyway, I was recently asked  and happily accepted a collaboration with Firmoo Optical with over 607,000 likes on Facebook, they have become a global leader in fashion & specialty eyewear. I was invited to receive a discounted frame, and decide upon which items I liked best. I truly love the fact that they remain affordable and trendy. I chose a frame that I have been quite happy with and I am really glad that I tried them out. I usually get my glasses from retail outlets, but since I have now discovered Firmoo Optical, I will be making a change for the better.

There are so many styles to choose from, if you wear prescription lenses, they make it very easy to store your prescription into their system, and you can register with a new account or use your existing Facebook Account to create an order history. They even make it easy for you to pay, for your purchase, you can pay with Paypal whether you have a Paypal account or not. I find that to be very convenient for purchases.

You can expect your order to be ready in about 2 weeks, if you do not select expedited shipping, and the items are shipped from China. However, if you do have any problems with your order it is suggested that you return them within 3 days, and that you contact them at:{} and they will take care of whatever you need! The shipping and return address is different so you will need to contact their service department in order to get a Return Authorization Number as well as specific instructions for the returned items.

 You will be pleasantly surprised, at what you receive in your packaging, you will get a very sturdy eyeglass case, a mini eyeglass care kit which includes a cleaning cloth, and an additional eyeglass screwdriver. The contents of your packing slip will list all of the pertinent details of your order which can be very useful when you need to check your prescription data, as well as the type of frame and or other items that you placed on your order. For my glasses, I selected two additional features: 1. Anti-Scratch 2. Anti-Reflective/Anti-Radiation. Overall, I am very pleased with my glasses, and definitely will order from again! I love how these glasses make me look & feel, get the style details and latest pictures on this post!



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