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Happy Thinking Wednesday

Happy Thinking Wednesday to my lovely lovers of life! It is a Wednesday that you must fill with Happy Thinking, hence the title of this post.I  know it looks like, I have been moving away from those Products I heart on Monday posts, as well as the Terrific Tuesday posts, I have not.  I have been really busy lately, organizing things for Spring. I haven't had an opportunity to post anything specific for you all, but that's changing soon.Today is Wednesday,  I thought it would be appropriate to post something to get you over hump day. This quote says it all, I am sure you've heard time and time again that it is better to give than receive. I  am a firm believer in this, although sometimes I feel I have given so much, that people think they should take advantage of the fact, that I love giving more than receiving. It's an awesome feeling to make someone else happy, after they've had a rotten day.This is why I love volunteering so much, I  have to credit my college, Co…