Happy Thinking Wednesday

Happy Thinking Wednesday to my lovely lovers of life! It is a Wednesday that you must fill with Happy Thinking, hence the title of this post.

I  know it looks like, I have been moving away from those Products I heart on Monday posts, as well as the Terrific Tuesday posts, I have not.  I have been really busy lately, organizing things for Spring. I haven't had an opportunity to post anything specific for you all, but that's changing soon.

Today is Wednesday,  I thought it would be appropriate to post something to get you over hump day. This quote says it all, I am sure you've heard time and time again that it is better to give than receive.

I  am a firm believer in this, although sometimes I feel I have given so much, that people think they should take advantage of the fact, that I love giving more than receiving. It's an awesome feeling to make someone else happy, after they've had a rotten day.

This is why I love volunteering so much, I  have to credit my college, Columbia College for that Senior Project, that told all of us to find a volunteer spot. I  found Chicago Cares, and started reading to children, I have also worked as a Children's Activity Coordinator.

These opportunities were so worth it, this was before I had two beautiful children of my own. I think it prepped me in a way to be more patient, I have always been kind. I have a true love for people which is why, I always choose service work. 

My blog is an extension of what I love writing, telling a story, making people happy, whether it's fashion or lifestyle related. Always be the best version of you, sometimes those are those days we don't want to give our time & effort, because we think why bother.

But if you honestly sit back, you can see where you started is not where you are today! Life is constantly changing, bringing us the realization that our opportunities can be returned in so many other ways.

Leave a comment below if you have anything you'd like to add to this topic.


'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'


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