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Stroke Awareness Month featuring Clothes Mentor Chicagoland

Did you know that stroke is one of the  leading causes of death in America? Someone dies every 40 seconds from a Stroke! May is National Stroke Awareness Month, and Clothes Mentor Chicagoland is undertaking this important cause during the Month of May. Another cause entitled 'Go Red For Women', is also an important initiative, started in 2006, which supports women in  their quest to bring awareness to heart disease and stroke. Stroke is, one of the leading causes of death among women. Statistically, 40% of men die from the disease, whereas 60% of women die of the disease. Find out more by visiting The National Stroke Association Website:   Strokes and other heart related conditions,  can be prevented by eating right, and making sure that if you have high blood pressure,  that you are getting monitored regularly. Read here about the importance a healthy diet for your lifestyle: Healthy Diet Affects Heart Health and aids in preventing str

Terrific Tuesday- It feels good to give back

I was so happy to get this post card from the post office. Usually I am not, because either it's another bill or junk mail. But this time, it was very important, it was the yearly Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, that the United Postal Workers, does ever year. Hunger is a real problem in the United States, and if you are ever asked to help you should. This donation almost didn't happen because, I  had been doing so much running around this week in preparation for Teacher Appreciation Week & Mother's day,  that this nearly slipped my mind. I  couldn't let that happen of course, I  was so glad to be able to do something,  but it's really a wonderful feeling for me to help others. I  have volunteered with Chicago Cares in College, was a Children's Activities Coordinator for a shelter. I really love helping people, it's who I am, and will always be. I am glad my children get to see me doing this, so they too can do the same thing. This was my first year dona

How It Was Styled-Mother's Day Edition

Hello my lovelies, I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day festivities! We are only celebrated once a year, but we all know that being an involved and caring Mother is a 24/7, 365 day a year job. You don't get sick pay, you can't call off, you're not even allowed to be sick for that matter. Well, I  personally think that our day is special everyday, because that is the time, we get to spend in our children's lives, molding them into excellent human beings. Helping them to realize their full potential, and going through whatever we have to go through in order to succeed in our parenting role.  We are the best people for our children to look up to, so we should  emulate the best character  traits for them, to learn from. It is probably the most difficult yet important mission, God gives anyone who chooses to be a parent. I am really happy to see how little my children used to be, and see their growth now. Though,  they are still little, I still remember the day, they

National Teacher Appreciation Week

It's been a really busy, but great week first of all it was National Teacher Appreciation Week, which was from May 4-May 8th. My son and daughter both attend now, so that is a great feeling! My son is off to Kindergarten in the Fall, and my daughter will be in 3rd grade. Wow! ! How time has flown by, I still remember all of those early morning & night feedings. It was a great time to show appreciation to the teachers and staff members that are dedicated to providing a wonderful education for our children. There are some places, that don't have an education system set up,  so when you find caring people, you should always show them you care too! I also took the opportunity to remember office personnel,  that can easily be overlooked. I for one, am so appreciative of the school nurse, she has been so great to me, I  was able to get her something as well as, the three ladies who work in the school office. My daughter & I also wanted to recognize her teacher as well as ot