How It Was Styled-Mother's Day Edition

Hello my lovelies, I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day festivities! We are only celebrated once a year, but we all know that being an involved and caring Mother is a 24/7, 365 day a year job. You don't get sick pay, you can't call off, you're not even allowed to be sick for that matter.

Well, I  personally think that our day is special everyday, because that is the time, we get to spend in our children's lives, molding them into excellent human beings. Helping them to realize their full potential, and going through whatever we have to go through in order to succeed in our parenting role. 

We are the best people for our children to look up to, so we should  emulate the best character  traits for them, to learn from.

It is probably the most difficult yet important mission, God gives anyone who chooses to be a parent. I am really happy to see how little my children used to be, and see their growth now. Though,  they are still little, I still remember the day, they were born.

 A little person to call my own, holding them in my arms, hoping they still recognized Mommy's voice.

The sleepless nights, early A.M., midnight feedings, diaper duty, newborns are exhausting,  but it's also wonderful to see that first smile, that tight grasp they'll give to your hand, that feeling of knowing that, that's  your child,  your world.

Normally,  I  don't take a bunch of pictures on Mother's day,  I  love  this special day, and celebrate it with my husband and kids. Ummm... he opted for the REAL but still pretty flowers, and my daughter opted for a really beautiful D.I.Y card & flowers, for me on my day. 

Lately,  she & I  have been the D.I.Y Queens! Hey, I  have to have someone else who, loves making new & different things with, why not my daughter? My son had the help of his wonderful teachers and made something sweet for Mommy too!

 If you have toddlers you know it's never EASY getting them to cooperate. SEE me with him in this photo, we had to act fast,  to get these memories, he wants no part of this picture stuff!

For this How It Was Styled post, I  decided to dress up a distressed pair of boyfriend jeans,  with a lace peplum top, and a bomber jacket. I also paired my outfit with some black pumps. I went for a more casual vibe this year, first of all , the weather did not cooperate, this year. 

A dress would have been my first choice,  but I opted for this look instead ! Take a look at some of my Mother's day highlights, as well as my outfit details for this post.


'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

Style Details
Midnight Blue Bomber Jacket
*Forever 21*
Black Lace Peplum Top
Distressed Black Denim Pants
*Forever 21*
Black Ankle Strap Pumps
*Audrey Brooke*


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