Terrific Tuesday- It feels good to give back

I was so happy to get this post card from the post office. Usually I am not, because either it's another bill or junk mail. But this time, it was very important, it was the yearly Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, that the United Postal Workers, does ever year. Hunger is a real problem in the United States, and if you are ever asked to help you should.

This donation almost didn't happen because, I  had been doing so much running around this week in preparation for Teacher Appreciation Week & Mother's day,  that this nearly slipped my mind. I  couldn't let that happen of course, I  was so glad to be able to do something,  but it's really a wonderful feeling for me to help others.

I  have volunteered with Chicago Cares in College, was a Children's Activities Coordinator for a shelter. I really love helping people, it's who
I am, and will always be. I am glad my children get to see me doing this, so they too can do the same thing.

This was my first year donating, I hope to donate even more next year! So if you happen to see that post card next year, don't toss it, or forget about it! Try and help out, post a reminder in your phone, tape the card in a prominent location,  do whatever you can to help someone else out.

We are all here to change the world for the better, I got such a beautiful feeling after my donation
I  also got a surprise  thank you note for my support. Check out some of my pictures for this post, and don't forget to follow the Stamp Out Hunger Movement on all of your social media outlets.


'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'


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