National Teacher Appreciation Week

It's been a really busy, but great week first of all it was National Teacher Appreciation Week, which was from May 4-May 8th. My son and daughter both attend now, so that is a great feeling! My son is off to Kindergarten in the Fall, and my daughter will be in 3rd grade. Wow! ! How time has flown by, I still remember all of those early morning & night feedings.

It was a great time to show appreciation to the teachers and staff members that are dedicated to providing a wonderful education for our children. There are some places, that don't have an education system set up,  so when you find caring people, you should always show them you care too!

I also took the opportunity to remember office personnel,  that can easily be overlooked. I for one, am so appreciative of the school nurse, she has been so great to me, I  was able to get her something as well as, the three ladies who work in the school office. My daughter & I also wanted to recognize her teacher as well as other staff members. There's also a very special lunch lady that my daughter makes mention of all the time!

I  was so glad to be able to make them happy! We made cards, bought books, mugs, and a few lucky people got something from, you know that's the fashionista in me;)

We made cards for my son's teacher & staff members, and had him sign his unofficial 4 year-old signature. ☺

It's the thought that counts, some people that received something from us, took it one step further, and gave my daughter a thank you card! She was ecstatic,  but I  reminded her, even if the others don't give you a thank you card, always do what's in your heart to do for people, whether or not, you feel it's appreciated, because that's what love & kindness is, you don't always get a return,  but you'll always feel better for doing it!


'Always remember to live,  The Ultimate Life'


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