Art is in the heart series post 3

As readers of The Ultimate Life Blog know, I 've created a Summer Series called Art is in the heart. This is the 3rd post of its kind, my daughter has been enjoying creating her very own pictures & me featuring them on the blog.  I never tell her what she should create, these are her choices.

I think it's fascinating to see what her amazing mind, will come up with! You should never critique your child's  choices, but instead ask questions about their explorative process. I see my daughter & I, as she gets older, and as I get older, sharing tea together and great conversations.
I  enjoy the benefits and special moments,  when she still thinks I am cool enough to be her mom and best friend.

These moments we share make me the happiest!
She wants to study architecture and fashion design, so I encourage her at every opportunity to be creative and work very hard to make these accomplishments a reality! I am proud of her, but more importantly I know that she's proud of herself, too!

'Always remember to live,  The Ultimate Life '

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