How It Was Styled- Birthday Edition

Hello again lovelies, if you checked out my latest post, it was the Happy Birthday Edition. That post was  about my son, and how we celebrated him turning 5! Turning 5 is such an important time in a child's life because they are starting to really grow up, and go off to Kindergarten, which I am even more excited about him doing shortly!

I forgot to tell you all how I actually styled myself and my daughter for our evening of celebrating, my daughter is a budding architect, artist, fashion designer, tennis player, she wants to do so much, I wonder if she'll ever get a chance to sleep! She's already an  overachiever and I love it! I chose to wear a blue/black embroidered skirt from H&M,  that my husband got me around Christmas time. I paired my skirt with a black sparkly tank top that I got from Maurices. The skirt was so comfortable and had pockets! I don't know about you, but I am a girl who loves pockets in dresses, pants, and especially skirts.

It was a definite home run in my outfit of the day/night! I also wore a pair of Bandolino stretch woven ankle booties, that my son chose for me. Yes, he did choose them because I asked him to pick either my black pumps or those Bandolino's and he chose the Bandolino's! I think he may love fashion just as much as his Momma, only time will tell.

My daughter wore an orange print tank dress, which has a  hi-low hem that she loved! I also added a white denim jacket from GAP, as well as some moto ankle boots!

We had fun  being together, as we always do during family time, but it makes the time even more special when we get to celebrate different events in our life! Dad dresses great everyday, but the birthday boy wore, 2 outfits on his big day 1 for school, and the other when he went out with the rest of the family!



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