How It Was Styled- Feeling Fringy

Hello lovelies, as you all know I am a Lucky Community Blogger and I was really excited to get this prompt to blog about Fringe. I am not really into fringe, but when I saw this very cute top with fringe detail, at EXPRESS this Summer, I couldn't resist! Needless to say, fringe is fluttery, cute, and increases your style sense.

I paired this look up with my new ice washed denim pants from Charlotte Russe, and my husband purchased these for me  on his own. Wow, he's really great at shopping for me and knowing exactly what I like. I have had my yellow pumps by Bandolino, for awhile now, but they are so comfortable and very cute, they elevated the look of my outfit even more than I anticipated.

If you are skeptical about wearing fringe, as I was in the beginning try it in moderation, and see if you like it! I actually had tried it,  prior to my white fringe tee,  purchased a pair of suede fringe Jessica Simpson Ankle Boots. I really love them!Lately, it's been too hot and rainy, to debut those for you right now, but hopefully I can come up with some more outfit inspiration for you really soon!

I think this is my first pair of iced washed denim pants, but they were a little distressed which makes them even cooler! I finally decided to wear a different pair of sunglasses, because it seems like I wear the same ones all of the time! I have to wear the ones I never forget, the others are for special occasions or when I want to make a statement. There hasn't been a lot of sun either, so unless you like wearing sunglasses in the shade, I haven't worn them in awhile.

Here are all the pics for this edition of How It Was Styled- Feeling Fringy! Have a happy Summer:)

It was chillier than expected, so I wore my favorite Forever 21 Moto Bomber Jacket too!

Style Details:

Midnight Blue Bomber Jacket: Forever 21
Iced Wash Denim Jeggings: Charlotte Russe
White Fringe Tee: EXPRESS
Yellow Pumps: Bandolino
Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Purse: Puma Tote
Bracelet: Zebra Print



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