How It Was Styled- Happy Birthday Edition

Hello my lovelies, I hope you had a glorious start and end to the week, all I can say is that it has been a busy one for me. Although I didn't throw my son a huge party, I still wanted everything to go off perfectly for him. We took him out for a birthday dinner, got him a beautiful cake and his favorite assortment of balloons. I will be glad when they deflate, because now he is parading all over the house with them, and mushing them up like pieces of paper:( LOL

He turned 5 years-old this week, that is amazing to me.  I can hardly believe the little baby boy, we brought home not to long ago, is now 5, I never really believed people when they said, you'll look around and your kids will be grown.

Love how everyone is smiling except my daughter, she's asking herself

who is this new little person?

 I have to share my  parents with!

I am so proud of my little boy, I couldn't have asked for a happier, more rambunctious child, if he's not running all over the place, then he's now starting to say his ABC's and sing his BINGO song, I enjoy listening to him! I love when he's happy, because it makes me happy. He really is a joy, he loves his computers, his family, and spelling. Yes... a child after my own heart, you will definitely beat Mommy's world record of 2nd place! I was saying I had made, third place until my daughter brought my coveted trophy to me, and said "Mommy, no it's 2nd place, don't you feel better about yourself, now?' My reply, "You bet I do". But, I feel even better, that I have two amazing children that light up my whole world!

Happy Birthday to my now Big Boy!

A special thank you to The Orland Park Bakery, they always do an excellent job on all of my celebration cakes:)


'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'


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