Terrific Tuesday Blog Post

Hello Lovelies, in this edition of my Terrific Tuesday Blog Post, I am going to tell you about my  two favorite sites. Tell me anyone, anywhere that doesn't like to save money, or even get something for Free!
I am one of those people who loves the word free or sale! My husband says, I am crazy, but if he likes full price,  I surely, do not. I have the perfect option for you to get real deals, and alerts about the places where you love to shop.  If you've never heard of or tried the Retail Me Not App, you don't know what you're missing.
This past Friday, I received a notification from Red Box movie rentals for a Free Movie. I  got so excited,  you would have thought I won the lottery! I  got an offer to put in a special code that was given to me on the App, and what's really cool, is  that  Retail Me Not App lets you know the success rate of each deal.This saves the consumer so much time , to see a 25 or 90 %  success rate.
My daughter and I chose an American Girl Movie from Red Box,  entitled 'Grace Cooks Up Success'. I am not going to give away the movie, because that wouldn't be fun! I  am going to link you to the Retail Me Not App, as well as the Red Box deals.

Enjoy your Summer and next movie night! Oh by the way the App is available in  the iTunes and Google Play store.  This App is App-tastic, and will definitely help you keep your finances down. You can also visit www.redbox.com, to see their current promos and reserve your favorite movies online.  

Reminder/Tip: Be sure to return your movies, the next day, or you will incur a fee! 

'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

Our Free Movie Selection via Redbox, had it not been for my
 RetailMeNot App, I would

 not have gotten 
this very sweet deal! 

Look for the details in the blog post, so you too, can save money! You've
got to love a company whose trademark is: "We're Out to Save the World (Some Money). TM

At $1.50 per Rental at redbox, you're bound to find something incredible for
Family Movie Night, or any Night for that matter!


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