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Saturday Fashion featuring SheInside

There's one thing I can never live without and that's a cute blazer or an easy breezy sweater. A sweater is something you can use even during Summer, because it can get cooler at night fall. If you're always cold like me, then you will definitely want to keep one of these lovely sweaters on hand. Sweaters are best worn with jeans, pencil skirts, or even shorts for the Summer. Now is also a great time to start thinking about transitioning items from Summer into Fall. A sweater is a great way to add versatility to your style. I read an article on , and the article talked about the elements of layering. You look more put together when you layer your items, for instance if you wear a shirt, pants, and shoes that's considered 3 items,these are the basics. But when you also add an interesting purse, blazer, sweater or scarf element to your outfit, it makes you look more balanced. I never knew this. We all learn something new everyday, I like layering it

How It Was Styled- Fringe Worthy

Hello Lovelies, It's another day in paradise, or Summer however you want to look at it! I was lucky enough to have a chance to write this post for the Lucky Community Bloggers. And the weather was a mild 65 degrees so, I actually got an opportunity to showcase my fringe worthy boots for this post. I loved this outfit because it was very comfortable and the tank I am wearing appears to be a body suit, but it's not! It's a tank top, I love those a lot more. I also paired them with my high waisted jeans, and my cute fringe ankle boots. It was really nice to wear a different pair of sunglasses too! I am really reminding myself to try new options, especially when it comes to various sunglasses. I hope you are enjoying your Summer, although in the past couple of days, it's felt more like Fall rather than Summer, but I am sure that's bound to change sooner or later. Oh, I almost forgot the boyfriend, blazer with pinstripe sleeves, was also an item, that I really l

Thinking forward to July

Hello July! It's a great time to celebrate the beginning of Summer because there are countless things that people look forward to in July. Weddings, Barbecues, Birthdays, and Fourth of July. If the weather cooperates you'll have a wonderful time celebrating with friends, family, and co-workers if you have to work:( Think of all the great times ahead, so much to think ahead of, some people will even get to enjoy concerts that they have been looking forward to all Winter long. July can be a really great time to bask in the sunshine, if you're a Chicagoan like me, you love every moment of warmth, no matter how hot it may or may not get! My daughter wasn't born during the ozone action days, we joked the other day when she saw the temperature get to 85 degrees, she thought that was the hottest that it's ever been. I was like, No, we've experienced much hotter days, where you could fry an egg on the sidewalk, and the news warned you not to go outside. My daughte