Thinking forward to July

Hello July! It's a great time to celebrate the beginning of Summer because there are countless things that people look forward to in July. Weddings, Barbecues, Birthdays, and Fourth of July. If the weather cooperates you'll have a wonderful time celebrating with friends, family, and co-workers if you have to work:( Think of all the great times ahead, so much to think ahead of, some people will even get to enjoy concerts that they have been looking forward to all Winter long.

July can be a really great time to bask in the sunshine, if you're a Chicagoan like me, you love every moment of warmth, no matter how hot it may or may not get! My daughter wasn't born during the ozone action days, we joked the other day when she saw the temperature get to 85 degrees, she thought that was the hottest that it's ever been. I was like, No, we've experienced much hotter days, where you could fry an egg on the sidewalk, and the news warned you not to go outside. My daughter helped me make this beautiful Hello July sign, another DIY, you could say, sharpies, scrapbook paper, and imagination, is all you need!

There is so much to do in Chicago during the Summer months, which makes the city even more enjoyable. So get out and take your family out to do some fun things! Here's a great list for you to see what's happening around town, month by month.

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