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How It Was Styled - Wife's Day Out

Hello lovelies, welcome back to another edition of How It Was Styled! This post features, something I never usually get a date with my husband.  Truly, we never really get an opportunity to be together without the kids. Work, life, kids, appointments, can all get in the way. My  wise friend, once told me that, you need time to yourselves, away from the kids. Not that the kids are bad, by any means,  or that your life is over because you have kids, but you find that you need to make necessary adjustments. Before we had kids to juggle,  we had regular dates with each other. It should definitely carry on into the marriage,  but somehow it stopped.
I mentioned date nights, in our case it will be more of  day time date,  but to my husband,  this was a foreign concept. Somehow,  he seems to have turned around. It's not like we never go out, but the one on one time,  decreases significantly once you get married and have children. It's by no means a bad thing, but it just means coupl…

Art is in the heart series August

Hello lovelies,  I  hope you have been keeping up with the art is in the heart series. As well as getting some  enjoyment, from the posts! We started this series this Summer as a way to keep busy, but most of all we definitely love being creative, nothing is more kid friendly and fun.  Arts and crafts, DIY Projects, have taken on a whole new meaning to me. There is something magnificent about taking a project from Point A to Point B, for beautiful! My daughter is the best at doing this, she can transform cereal boxes, scrapbook paper,  and make the most amazing wall art, or cards to brighten someone's day! I fell in love with these projects that we did, so I've decided that these should  not only be for our  Summer Projects. You will get to see, more things we create periodically. There is love in being creative, specifically when you get to experience your child's creativity first hand. I love when my daughter explains her projects to me, the details about how and why, these…

Back to school news

Hello Lovelies,  our Summer months are coming to a close, but it isn't  officially over until September 23, 2015. The last time I checked the calendar, we can still savor the best moments of the Summer, especially if the weather keeps cooperating. :)
Back to School,  is the real wake up call that Summer is coming to an end :( The great thing about this topic,  is our children are either picking up where they left off, or starting on a new adventure. It's the time to remember the times, we held them in our arns, but also be excited that they are growing up a little. My sweethearts start Kindergarten & 3rd grade this year!
I  can hardly believe that the time has gone by this quickly, Summer went by so quickly!  But we celebrated the important parts of life, Birthdays, Mother's Day & Father's Day. My little girl loved playing tennis, while my youngest attended school a little bit longer. Life is about living in the moments that take you to a happy place. Whether w…

How It Was Styled-Firmoo Optical

Hello Lovelies,  I  certainly hope that you all are enjoying, what's left of the Summer! I  got an opportunity to work with Firmoo Optical again, and it was just as amazing as my last post. I  love their eyewear, the possibilities are endless. If you want to play with your style or get a new pair of affordable prescription lenses,Firmoo is the place to shop!
This edition of How It Was Styled features a pair of non-prescription sunglasses,  with animal print. I'm in love with the frame, I only wish,  I had custom tinted the frame a bit darker, but in some sunglasses, it's okay, for your eyes to peek through.
I  would suggest paying the additional charge for express delivery, because standard shipping takes anywhere from 7-15 days. But if you're not in a hurry, and the order is over $39, you can use the {Free Ship} code, but still expect to receive your items within 7-15 days, standard shipping. To get more details about the shipping process, please visit the frequentl…

Back to School Sales August 10- August 15th

Hello lovelies, if you haven't heard me preaching about the RetailMeNot App, I don't know where you have been. Do you remember that time, I told you I got a FREE Netflix Movie? That was proof enough for me to see, that this App, is the (bomb Although, I was already a believer & using the App, trust me this APP, is great, it will save you time and money. Back to School is right around the corner, with all the school fees, kids out growing clothes,and did I mention school fees? Parents, need to save as much money anywhere they can find! I am here to help you find where the best deals are.

If you have children, Back to School reminds you that you have to work the rest of your life, in order to provide for them the things, that they will need! I  have compiled a list for you as well as getting the Sunday Papers, to find the best Back to School Sales for the week of August 10th -August 17th 2015.

Walgreen's has been having  great sales on Back to School Supplies t…

Happy Thinking Wednesday

Hello Lovelies,

It's been awhile since we've done a Happy Thinking Wednesday Quote of the day. I thought this one was appropriate because Summer is in full swing, and I can't believe how close we are to the holidays. If you think happy you'll be happy, but you also have to create ways to make yourself happy, if the right people aren't in your life, it's up to you to make the effort to rid yourself of things or people that make you unhappy. Our thoughts have a process, they take on a whole new meaning, we have the power to have great opportunities exist in our lives, but we also have to be present in making the right decisions in order to make the right things happen in our lives.

Nothing just happens for anyone, you have to work hard, sometimes harder than the next person, I believe in optimism, because if you're optimistic, good things can always happen for you. Making the most out of your life, means taking every opportunity and learning from it, you will…

Hello August Enjoy the Summer

Hello Lovelies, we have approximately  48 days of Summer enjoyment left:( I  know it's going by so fast, but that's still enough time to enjoy Summer  with your friends & family! Summer, is not officially over until September 23, 2015 that's when Fall will be officially here. The temperatures  have been very hot, but I love it! If you looking for great things to do before the Summer ends, here are a few great ideas for you and your family.

1. Summer Festivals 2. Neighborhood Festivals 3. Movies in the park 4.  City Zoo  5. Visiting New Restaurants
6. Summer Dance Chicago
(Chicago Summer Dance)

7. Touring Illinois- Check out these great photos from enjoy Illinois

(Enjoy Illinois Photos)

8. Getting the Kids Ready for Back to School

There is so much excitement associated with going back to school, it's the butterflies of making new friends, growing up, going forward. Although we never want our kids to grow up to fast, we can't help but sit back in amazement at a…