Art is in the heart series August

Hello lovelies,  I  hope you have been keeping up with the art is in the heart series. As well as getting some  enjoyment, from the posts! We started this series this Summer as a way to keep busy, but most of all we definitely love being creative, nothing is more kid friendly and fun.  Arts and crafts, DIY Projects, have taken on a whole new meaning to me.
There is something magnificent about taking a project from Point A to Point B, for beautiful!
My daughter is the best at doing this, she can transform cereal boxes, scrapbook paper,  and make the most amazing wall art, or cards to brighten someone's day! I fell in love with these projects that we did, so I've decided that these should  not only be for our  Summer Projects. You will get to see, more things we create periodically.
There is love in being creative, specifically when you get to experience your child's creativity first hand. I love when my daughter explains her projects to me, the details about how and why, these projects were created.
Lately,  she loves inspirational words and loves to draw her own pictures.  I found a very great Art Book for her at Barnes and Noble, by Parragon Publishers! She loves it, and practices freehand drawings every chance she gets. Parents, take the opportunity to foster your child's creativity.  If you want to be apart of what your children are doing try not to ask so many questions or ask if you can help out with anything. I know weird, right??  But most kids, as they get older anyway, don't  like you to ask questions before they are done doing something.  Become a silent observer, cheerleader,  friend without hovering.
My daughter,  doesn't  like for me to peek at her projects, until they are completely finished.  That's when I get all of the details about the  colors,  items used, or any other relevant details. Most likely,  you have the items you will use regularly around your house.  There are thousands of projects, and ideas that you can find on Pinterest.  If you haven't joined yet, you need to.
It's a great place to get ideas, on how you can get started using arts and crafts with your family.
Some of the items we made this week are featured. We used common household items,  scrapbook paper,  scissors,  glue, markers, crayons, but most of all creativity.
If your projects don't come out the way you like at first, please don't give up, it's about trial and error and plenty of practice.  This can become a substitute for game night, and is great time to talk to your family in the process.


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