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Hello Lovelies,  our Summer months are coming to a close, but it isn't  officially over until September 23, 2015. The last time I checked the calendar, we can still savor the best moments of the Summer, especially if the weather keeps cooperating. :)
Back to School,  is the real wake up call that Summer is coming to an end :( The great thing about this topic,  is our children are either picking up where they left off, or starting on a new adventure. It's the time to remember the times, we held them in our arns, but also be excited that they are growing up a little. My sweethearts start Kindergarten & 3rd grade this year!
I  can hardly believe that the time has gone by this quickly, Summer went by so quickly!  But we celebrated the important parts of life, Birthdays, Mother's Day & Father's Day. My little girl loved playing tennis, while my youngest attended school a little bit longer. Life is about living in the moments that take you to a happy place. Whether we like it or not, our lives are so busy, and to complicate things, we have lots of thougts on our minds.
Don't lose your focus, love is always in your frontview.
I hope you all have taken my advice and downloaded the RetailMeNot App, it's available on iTunes & Google Play. I found these Back to School Deals this week, and don't forget to check the local newspapers for more deals around town.
Staples- office & school supplies
Back to School Deals Save up to 50% off lowest prices on all essentials until September 12, 2015.
Website :
Gymboree- Kids Clothing & Back to School Deals Get an extra 40% Off markdowns which can  be up to 70% off.
Sears- Kids Clothing & Back to School Deals $15 off $100 purchase In-store or Online.
Calvin Klein- Apparel & Shoes
Get 30% off your purchase.

'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'


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