Hello August Enjoy the Summer

Hello Lovelies, we have approximately  48 days of Summer enjoyment left:( I  know it's going by so fast, but that's still enough time to enjoy Summer  with your friends & family! Summer, is not officially over until September 23, 2015 that's when Fall will be officially here.
The temperatures  have been very hot, but I love it! If you looking for great things to do before the Summer ends, here are a few great ideas for you and your family.

1. Summer Festivals
2. Neighborhood Festivals
3. Movies in the park
4.  City Zoo 
5. Visiting New Restaurants

6. Summer Dance Chicago

7. Touring Illinois- Check out these great photos from enjoy Illinois

(Enjoy Illinois Photos)

8. Getting the Kids Ready for Back to School

There is so much excitement associated with going back to school, it's the butterflies of making new friends, growing up, going forward. Although we never want our kids to grow up to fast, we can't help but sit back in amazement at all of the progress that they've made from newborns to now! That's definitely how I feel about my kids, the process of going to the next level in school, birthdays, growing out of clothes, it's the realization that they are growing up right before our very eyes.Even more reason to enjoy the Summer with your children, while you can.

 As you say Hello to August, you may also be saying goodbye to so many other things that your kids may or may not enjoy next Summer. Being a parent is a hard job, but it's also rewarding because our children teach us so much about our own growth and expectations that we set on ourselves, are sometimes unrealistic, if you ask your child to grade your performance as a parent, you may be surprised, that you aren't doing as bad as you thought!



'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'


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