How It Was Styled - Wife's Day Out

Hello lovelies, welcome back to another edition of How It Was Styled! This post features, something I never usually get a date with my husband.  Truly, we never really get an opportunity to be together without the kids. Work, life, kids, appointments, can all get in the way. My  wise friend, once told me that, you need time to yourselves, away from the kids. Not that the kids are bad, by any means,  or that your life is over because you have kids, but you find that you need to make necessary adjustments. Before we had kids to juggle,  we had regular dates with each other. It should definitely carry on into the marriage,  but somehow it stopped.
I mentioned date nights, in our case it will be more of  day time date,  but to my husband,  this was a foreign concept.

Somehow,  he seems to have turned around. It's not like we never go out, but the one on one time,  decreases significantly once you get married and have children. It's by no means a bad thing, but it just means couples have to start making their marriage, their relationship a priority.
I  truly enjoyed my wife's day out, we ate at Ted's Montana Grill. We had never been there before,  and the food is so delicious. Everything including the food you eat is served fresh daily, not many restaurants can say that! We enjoyed these items from the menu:
Karens flyin-d Bison Chili
Bison Nachos
Red Rock Bison Burger
Onion Rings
George's Cadillac Burger
French fries

For those of you who may not know what Bison is, it's Buffalo Meat. I  let my husband try that one, he's more adventurous with foods than I am. I like to stick with my tried and true :)

The food is so much that if you're not super hungry at the time, you will be taking leftovers back with you. The appetizers are so huge, that you almost won't have room for the main course. Here are some pictures from our time at Ted's Montana Grill.


'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

{p.s. outfit details, and how to create {the look, will be in a part 2 post}


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