August 5, 2015

Wednesday Trends Day

Welcome to an all new Wednesday Trends Day, these posts will primarily feature trends that I love, but without all of the high prices that sometimes come along with  trends. A trend is something that comes and goes, but to me, some trends never go out of style for instance a great pair of heels never going out of style! I chose a pair of black heels from sheinside because clothes there are affordable, and because they are a retailer that ships worldwide, you will see worldwide trends.

These shoes,  are especially chic  & very affordable! A great pair of laced heels are on trend you can spot celebrities wearing the  thigh high versions of this same style, but if thigh highs are not your style, no need to worry these shoes come right above the ankle and can be paired with skinny jeans, a cute dress, moto jacket or anything else you think of wearing them with! Don't miss my personal  picks on the blog!

Click on the Picture & check out these 

Black Corrected Grain High Heeled Shoes

Black Corrected Grain Leather High Heeled Shoes



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