imPRESS Press-On Manicure

Hello lovelies, happy Saturday we have only a few days left of Summer, and it's been especially rainy the past couple of days in Chicago. With that being said, you only get a few more special days of great weather to go coat-less, and then Fall arrives. I really love Fall because you get to layer your clothing, wear cool boots, or shoes, but  I will definitely miss the Summer months. There's so much more you can do with an outfit creatively when Fall arrives, that also includes dressing up your nails. I had the opportunity to review the imPRESS Press-On Manicure, and I find that they are very easy to use and apply to your natural nails. When I was in college I remember wanting long nails, so I would get acrylic overlays, those cost a fortune $30-$35 per visit, trust me on a college budget, and working my way through school, this was not an option, coupled with buying books, impossible.

If you want to have nails like some of the celebrities you see, but not the cost:)  imPRESS Press-On Manicure are a great option for you to try. The designs are really pretty, and you get 24 nails in the package, with easy to use instructions. You simply make sure that your nails are clean, strong, and you press them onto your natural nail. I do not suggest that you pull the imPRESS nail off of your natural nail without making sure your nails are strong. I did this and my natural nails are not very strong, the best method to avoid any damage to your natural nails is,  if the nails are on simply apply  nail polish remover under the nails, for approximately a minute or more and gently peel off.

That was the only problem that I encountered with the product, I love the fact that a busy Mom like me, can have nails that look like I went to the salon. You can find these at your local Walgreen's, or you can see even more of the collection by visiting:



Over 40 colors and designs
Ultra-Hold Adhesive Technology
No Nail Damage- but read my review about having strong nails first!
No glue needed
I would recommend acetone & soak off removal for weaker nails like mine!
imPRESS Manicures last for one week!
No Dry Time No Mess
Just Peel & Go!



"Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life"


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