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How It Was Styled-Camo Inspired

Hello Lovelies, In this How It Was Styled Blog Post, I was wearing some high waisted camo joggers, a Jc Penney t-shirt and my hiking boots from Sears.   I had good lighting or maybe the flash was on my camera, but in the second pic there was no light, but anyway as I originally posted on Instagram that I am definitely giving my readers and followers a green background with some 90's Vibes! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Hugs, Frederica  'Always remember to Live The Ultimate Life'

Pumpkin Decor

๐Ÿ˜ Hello Lovelies, I hope you had a great holiday with your family on Halloween! In this picture the cuter looking pumpkins were decorated by my daughter๐Ÿ’“and the not so cute ones, are by my son & I !! We are obviously NOT... the artistic ones in the family! (LOL๐Ÿ˜‚.) My kids looked extra cute in their costumes my son as Captain America/Fireman and my daughter, was dressed as a soccer player. Next up Thanksgiving Day & Christmas it's so hard to believe that we're nearing the end of the year! Hugs, Frederica 'Always remember to Live The Ultimate Life'

New Fall Nail Polish Color

๐Ÿ˜˜Hello Lovelies, an array of great nail polishes have arrived for the Fall season. I got this one from Sinful Colors Collection, in the color 'RoRange'. The color is kind of like a pretty orange leaf that you may find during Fall. I also paired it with one of my favorite watches, last year around Christmas time, I needed to update my watches and spoil myself a little, so I chose TIMEX, and Anne Klein watches. I hope that you all haven't gotten any snow yet, but if you have remember to stay extra warm and cute! I will be posting more pics soon, as well as keeping you up to date on great nail polishes, that you should try! ๐Ÿ’“Hugs, Frederica 'Always remember to Live The Ultimate Life'

Fall Colors

Happy Fall everyone! I hope you all are ready for the crisp coolness of Fall. I think in past years the focus has been on following trends, but this year colors like burgundy and mustard are having their chance to shine. You may not want to go all in with these colors right away, but try different colors in spots of your outfits.  You could try a mustard hat, purse, or scarf, this would look great when you're layering things together.  Burgundy, is absolutely not my favorite color, but I would try it in small areas like earrings, or in a lipstick or purse. Trying different colors for Fall will make you feel vibrant and ready to take on new things. It's never good to get boggled down with the same old colors in fashion. Also, if you do have a favorite color try pairing it up with one of your least favorite color, these differences can make for a wonderful combination and change of style! Check out the Fall & Winter 2018 Pantone Color Institute's report!  htt

Fall Makeup Post

Hey Lovelies, since Fall is just about here, I went lipstick and eyeshadow shopping!! First up:  @l.a.colors I  Makeup Pocket Eye Palette is so glam. @l.a.colors hydrating lipstick in the color Nectarine was @dollartree... I only got two, because I wasn't sure but I have been pleasantly surprised by how it feels, it has Vitamin E & Aloe Vera in it.  Secondly got these fab items, from @rimmellondonus Lasting Finish By Kate in Color '14', it's like a nude color.  Also by @rimmellondonus I got colors '12', is like a Cinnamon color. These are all by Lasting Finish by Kate. Next Lovelies,  I got some  lipsticks  by @elfcosmetics but you'll see in the pictures where the tube of lipstick is longer, that one is  by Elf. It's  called Day to Night lipstick, you get two colors  affordably priced. You can wear them day or night, I got the colors The Best Berries Collection, they have other collections, too! They are so moisturizing and smell great,

How It Was Styled Denim

Hello Lovelies, I am back with another post! I wanted to show you a quick and easy way to look glam not only on a budget, but also as you run around completing your errands. I want to show you how to glam up those ripped jeans. I like that fact that I look really comfortable, but still also managed to look cute. If you are wearing jeans, be sure to dress it up, with a cute necklace, like I did! You can also wear a cute pair of sandals or great pair of gym shoes, if you aren't into sandals. I actually got my Steve Madden Sandals, at Sears! Yes, Sears!! Do not sleep on Sears, and all of the cute selections of shoes that they have. So Lovelies, in this post! I am wearing a Black Tank from @St.John'sBay, which is a clothing line from @JcPenney. My ripped jeans, are from @JcPenney also. Not sure exactly, where I got my necklace, but you can pair your look with almost any necklace, you'd prefer.

How It Was Styled Walking Shorts and Pumas

Hello Lovelies, In this edition of 'How It Was Styled', I am featuring my Chartreuse New York & Co. Blouse, Elle Shorts, that I got from Kohl's about 2 years ago, and have only been wearing them around the house. This Summer has been HOTTER than HOT,  which prompted me to give this outfit a try! I can't believe that Summer is over, and the kids are back in school, it was so incredibly HOT, all Summer, which I really did not enjoy. I am a Fall & Spring type of girl, and don't like Winter as much, but I definitely love Thanksgiving and Christmas. November, usually starts off pretty good, and by the end of December, early January I will be looking back & wishing for that HOT... HOT... weather that we had! I am writing this post, because I very rarely if ever wear shorts, but I put this outfit together, and was pleasantly surprised at how cute it was! This could also be a great Back to School look for the MOMS on the GO! I have also started my Po

How It Was Styled Wife Mom Boss Outfit Post

Good morning Lovelies, I hope you're having a great rest of the Summer! I can't believe that Summer is almost gone, and that my kids will be starting back to school soon. I've been thing now that we only have approximately 3 1/2 months left in the year, have I achieved any or most of the things that I set out to do this year? These are questions that I ask myself, I really wanted to concentrate on a few things, but I winded up concentrating on too much, and getting only half of what I wanted to do accomplished. As women we bear a lot of weight with family, life, and the things that we set out to accomplish in life, I know that's the way it is for me. I hope you all are close to achieving your 2018 New Year's Resolutions, because mine are definitely still a work in progress! This week alone, I started a new Instagram page for my Positive Inspirations Radio Show, if you haven't checked it out yet, please do! There's  a link to the show on the blog! My podcas

How It Was Styled August 2 2018

Hello Lovelies, My husband & I stopped for a bite to eat and a quick pic! Here are some pictures of what I wore, also stay tuned for more upcoming posts to the blog. Sunglasses: @Guess Shirt: @DiscoveryClothing Skirt: @DiscoveryClothing Shoes:@Everlast I paired my outfit with a pair of Everlast Sneakers, you can definitely wear sneakers with an outfit, it gives you that sporty chic vibe, and saves your feet when you're always on the go!

How It Was Styled-Fourth of July

Hello Lovelies, The Fourth of July was on Wednesday and here is my outfit post of the day, well let's just say it was hotter than HOT on this day! To be exact it was 103 + degrees, and I didn't want to wear a pair of long pants or a dress and be uncomfortable. So what did I do? I cut my new white pants, made them into shorts, couldn't find a top that I originally want to wear and made this once BLOUSE, a sleeveless BLOUSE. Yes... I could go out and buy new stuff, which I did with my pants, Forever 21 had a great sale, so I ended up buying 3 pair of the same pairs of white jeans! Oh, one of them now is a SHORT, but I just wanted to let you know that there is a little designer in all of us. Whenever I am creating t-shirts I think about what my LOVELIES would pair the shirts with and I design t-shirts based on that idea! I am not saying, I would do this for all my clothes, but I did it on this day!  I always want my LOVELIES,  to know that I am not this big name brand per

How It Was Styled-Black and White

Hello Lovelies, Here is a new How It Was Styled post for you! I certainly hope that you all are enjoying the Summer, because it comes and goes by so fast, and then we're back to bundling up and wearing coats and gloves. Get out and enjoy it as much as you possibly can, my kids and I have actually created a Summer Bucket List, it's a list of all the stuff we'd like to get to do for the Summer, and I hope we accomplish it all before school starts again! The outfit in this blog post was worn for date night with my husband, it allowed me to be cute and comfy, all of the things I look forward to whenever I wear anything! There's no need to look good, and your feet hurt, or your clothes are just uncomfortable to you. I wore this outfit recently for date night with my husband, and you can never go wrong when you wear a black and white outfit, I think it makes anyone look chic, and put together. I can tell you this, it's hard to look put together in the summer, because it&