How It Was Styled-Fourth of July

Hello Lovelies,

The Fourth of July was on Wednesday and here is my outfit post of the day, well let's just say it was hotter than HOT on this day! To be exact it was 103 + degrees, and I didn't want to wear a pair of long pants or a dress and be uncomfortable. So what did I do? I cut my new white pants, made them into shorts, couldn't find a top that I originally want to wear and made this once BLOUSE, a sleeveless BLOUSE. Yes... I could go out and buy new stuff, which I did with my pants, Forever 21 had a great sale, so I ended up buying 3 pair of the same pairs of white jeans! Oh, one of them now is a SHORT, but I just wanted to let you know that there is a little designer in all of us. Whenever I am creating t-shirts I think about what my LOVELIES would pair the shirts with and I design t-shirts based on that idea!

I am not saying, I would do this for all my clothes, but I did it on this day!  I always want my LOVELIES,  to know that I am not this big name brand person.  I am just an everyday girl, everyday wife, and mother. I try to save time, and do what's convenient for me and my family!

I hope you like the look and I hope that I encourage you to look inside your closet and recreate a new look of your own.  (LOL) I was very excited to wear my holiday earrings that I purchased in June @BurlingtonCoatFactory. They are so cute!
Blouse: @DiscoveryClothing (recreated)
Pants/Shorts: @Forever21
Sunglasses: @FrancoSarto
Sandals: @RuffHewn



'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'


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