How It Was Styled Denim

Hello Lovelies,

I am back with another post! I wanted to show you a quick and easy way to look glam not only on a budget, but also as you run around completing your errands. I want to show you how to glam up those ripped jeans. I like that fact that I look really comfortable, but still also managed to look cute.

If you are wearing jeans, be sure to dress it up, with a cute necklace, like I did! You can also wear a cute pair of sandals or great pair of gym shoes, if you aren't into sandals. I actually got my Steve Madden Sandals, at Sears! Yes, Sears!! Do not sleep on Sears, and all of the cute selections of shoes that they have.

So Lovelies, in this post! I am wearing a Black Tank from @St.John'sBay, which is a clothing line from @JcPenney.
My ripped jeans, are from @JcPenney also. Not sure exactly, where I got my necklace, but you can pair your look with almost any necklace, you'd prefer.


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